Fan concept designs of the new PS5 console really are a thing of beauty


This past week Sony released an image of the new controller for the PlayStation 5 and it looked insane, the futuristic design has gone down very well with fans.

This can surely only mean that the PS5 console will be a thing of beauty.

A concept design of the console was published by LetsGoDigital, which gives fans a little hint of what they could possibly expect the next-generation console to look like and it's stunning.

The concept images detail how like past PlayStation consoles, the PS5 will be able to be placed both vertically and horizontally. What’s even cooler is that when the console is placed vertically, it stands on legs based on the traditional square, circle, triangle and cross buttons on a PlayStation controller.

The lights on top of the console are also a really nice touch, the lights stretch the length of the console and glow blue when the console is on.

At the back of the console, there are a few different ports, which features digital optical audio, HDMI, USB and network inputs.

There are also USB inserts to the front of the console, which can be used to charge pads. At the front of the console, you will also find the power and disk eject button.

This concept design is truly a work of art and if the real PS5 was to look anything like this, fans would be surely more than happy.


On top of that, other fans like Brian C Worton have had a go at what they think the new console should look like and their ideas are quite a sight to behold.

The original PS4 was also sharp and sleek with a two-tier finish that fans were ecstatic with when it was first released.

However, this is just a concept design and the real thing could look nothing like this, but it’s a very nice design at the least, hopefully, the real thing will look nothing like the supposed leaked developer's kits that have been shared over the past couple of years.

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