Man Utd legend Ryan Giggs named 'most overrated Premier League player of all time'


Ryan Giggs will forever be mentioned in the Premier League history books.

The winner of a mind-boggling 13 Premier League titles with Manchester United, you're only ever a few sentences away from seeing the Welshman's name when you're flicking through the records.

Not only is Giggs the most decorated player in the competition's history, but he's also provided the most assists and astonishingly scored in 21 consecutive seasons.

As a result, it's no surprise that Giggs has been mentioned alongside the likes of Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer as one of the first names to be included in the Premier League Hall of Fame.

But if there's one downside to being so widely lauded, it's the prospect of becoming overrated and it seems as though some football fans are of that very opinion with Giggs.

Is Ryan Giggs overrated?

It seems a little nonsensical that a player of Giggs' pedigree - his trophy cabinet probably needs its own mortgage, after all - would be labelled unworthy of his reputation and praise.

However, perhaps there's some credence to that school of thought if you undress from him United's success as a team and inspect his influence on an individual level.

At the very least, that's what Twitter user @ballrespect has sought to address, compiling a thread that allegedly exposes Giggs as 'the most overrated Premier League player of all time'.


Twitter thread on Ryan Giggs

It's certainly a major claim, no less because they've labelled Giggs a 'longevity merchant', but one that is backed up with more than enough statistics to be given some serious thought.

The poster highlights that Giggs only produced two goals and seven assists during his PFA Player of the Year-winning season, less than Jesus Navas during his first campaign at Manchester City.

It's even pointed out that Giggs never reached 10 goals or assists in a Premier League since beyond 2005 and that he only scored three times during the treble-winning term.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg, so check out the full Twitter thread to make up your own mind down below:

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GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

There's a legitimate argument that Giggs is overrated by certain supporters, but let's not suggest for a minute that it means he's anything short of a Premier League legend.

It's so easy to get mired in goal and assist statistics in the modern game, which grossly oversimplify the role of midfielders and are staples in lazy comparisons and accusations

Don't believe me? Well, I'm pretty sure Giggs was doing something right if the greatest manager in the history of the sport was handing him at least 20 appearances a season for two decades.

And even if we put Ferguson to the side, who are we to defy the professional players who faced him in 2008-09 when they voted him as the Premier League's best player?  


Staying at the top for that long is something that should be applauded and for all the sound points that @ballrespect raises, the phrase 'longevity merchant' does Giggs a wild disservice. 

Low assists? Giggs still has the most. Low goals? Giggs is still in the 100 club. Overrated? Maybe, but through no fault of his own.

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