Women’s Sport: Chelsea footballer Fran Kirby nearly walked away from football

The Chelsea and Lioness forward stated that she was contemplating whether to tell both Emma Hayes and Phil Neville that she was done with football since being diagnosed with pericarditis.

The striker is said to be on the road of recovery, from Pericarditis which took away her emotion, “it took over my life in a negative way.”

Pericarditis causes chest pain and fevers, it often occurs after a viral infection.

Whilst speaking live on Instagram with Alex Scott, she said: “I got to the stage where I felt like I didn’t know how it was to feel normal. 

“I remember having numerous conversations and thinking: ‘I can’t do this anymore.’

“That’s changed in the last few weeks, obviously, because I’m feeling better.”

For the international star, it has left Kirby feeling like a “ghost” and even a “zombie” during some periods of her illness.

With her Chelsea teammates by her side supporting her she showed appreciation towards them by saying that the encouragement has changed her “a lot as a person.”

“The last few months have shown me the people that will really be there for you, even when you’re in a rubbish mood. It’s changed me a lot as a person and my appreciation for things that aren’t football”.

Despite the illness forcing Kirby to spend months “lying on the sofa”, she said that it has changed her perspective, “there’s so much more to worry about than giving the ball away in a game of football.”

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