Vince McMahon has been appointed an economic advisor to Donald Trump to help reopen US economy

U.S. President Donald Trump has this week enrolled WWE owner, chairman and former part-time wrestler Vince McMahon as one of his advisers to reopen the nation’s economy.

No, we’re not going back to revisit the WrestleMania 23 match in which Donald Trump received a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin and helped shave Vince McMahon bald, or at least we hope not.

Instead, McMahon is one of several “key” figures from a number of industries that include sport, agriculture, banking, retail and technology, announced as members of the Great American Economic Revival Industry Group.

This comes after the news that WWE was listed under “key businesses” which are to keep plying their trade during these uncertain times.

So uncertain that WWE laid off dozens of wrestlers and off-screen talent yesterday in the company’s biggest cull for quite some time.

WWE has been running their weekly shows, including RAW, SmackDown! and NXT, from their Performance Center, as well as hosting WrestleMania over two nights in front of no fans.

Big names will form this stable, including Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, Tesla owner Elon Musk, Apple CEO Tim Cook amongst many others including Mark Zuckerberg and Dana White.

Informing the world’s press, Trump said: “Now, we have a list of people that I’ll be speaking to over the next very short period of time, in many cases, tomorrow.

“We have a list of different industries that I’ll be discussing by, meeting by telephone, because we don’t want people travelling right now.

“Those are the names we have on our list. The names that are, I think, the best and the smartest, the brightest, and they’re going to give us some ideas.”

American sports franchises haven’t avoided membership, as Trump had announced chiefs from the NBA, NFL, MLB that were part of the group whilst New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was also named.

Trump has yet to reveal which members will take on certain roles and what those roles will wholly entail.

During the press briefing, Trump revealed the importance of sports following the COVID-19 outbreak.

He said: “We have to get our sports back, I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old. I haven’t actually had too much time to watch – I would say maybe I watch one batter and then I get back to work.”

The White House released a press release that read: “These bipartisan groups of American leaders will work together with the White House to chart the path forward toward a future of unparalleled American prosperity.”

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