Man Utd fan's viral video comparing Paul Pogba and Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness and Paul Pogba’s bizarre rivalry has been turned up a few more notches in the past few days.

Pogba kickstarted the reappearance of the feud by claiming he didn’t know who Souness was.

Spoiler alert, Paul, he’s the former Liverpool player who seems to criticise you on a weekly basis, regardless if you’re injured or not.

Souness responded by saying he was “happy” that Pogba was talking about him, before cooly adding: “The oldest saying in football comes to mind, put your medals on the table…and I’ve got a big table.”

There’s no denying that Souness is one of the great’s of the game. The no-nonsense Scotsman was the lynchpin in some of Liverpool’s most distinguished sides and also captained the Reds.

But one Manchester United fan has created a short video trying to devalue the success of Souness and synonymously praise the skill and brilliance of Pogba.

It’s quite humorous, but the words ‘club bias’ spring to mind just a tad…


Some of those Souness tackles are brutal and when compared with some of Pogba’s finest career snippets, they look even worse.

But just look at some of the replies!

Thankfully, most reasonable football fans – even United ones – will know that this two-minute video is complete and utter nonsense.

Yes, Souness loved a nasty tackle, as was commonplace back in the day, but as a footballer he was skilful, intelligent, a defensive master and chipped in with the odd goal.

Pogba may have the flashy skills and a World Cup trophy to his name, but he has a long way to go before he can put his name up there with the Scottish icon.

Souness won five First Division titles and three European Cups with Liverpool for goodness sake, the man is a living legend!

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