Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly in 'early development'


Grand Theft Auto 6 is thought to be in the early stages of development and looks set to feature substantial changes to the long-running franchise formula that gave it its widespread popularity.

This is according to a new report that examined the working practices at Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto’s developer, following an inspection into staff working conditions throughout the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Kotaku had interviewed over a dozen members of staff who are either currently working for Rockstar or who had left since the release of the aforementioned game.

Whilst the report is centred around the staff at the heart of the issue, there came perhaps significant news regarding a follow-up title to GTA V.

The report suggests Rockstar had a plan to release GTA 6 as a “moderately sized” game, to be expanded and regularly updated over time, as they had done with Grand Theft Auto online.

This was to combat the stress levels and “crunch” on employees, reducing their workload, due to the accusations around Red Dead 2’s release.

Jason Schreier, who penned the article for Kotaku, tweeted: “The next GTA is still a ways away, so it'll be a while before we see whether the company's attempts to mitigate crunch are really successful, but in the last year Rockstar has made several quality-of-life improvements and replaced managers that staff described as toxic."

It has been seven long years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, which has sold an unfathomable 120 million copies worldwide. A big part of the continued success is due to GTA Online.

Reportedly, GTA 6 is to be set in Vice City and inspired by the Netflix hit Narcos, and there is a way to fly between locations.

It is worth noting that these are potential developments for the game. Due to its early development, anything can change, it may even be scrapped by Rockstar.

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