GMS' Hall of Game: Remembering Saints Row 2 - the game that challenged GTA


In GMS’ latest instalment of Hall of Games, we have decided to take a trip to the fictional city of Stilwater where a gang war is raging between the Ronin, the Sons of Samedi, the formidable Brotherhood and what remains of the Third Street Saints.

Released in 2008 originally on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 before later appearing on the PC, Saints Row 2 is set five years after the original, following the unforgivable betrayal of your former Saint Gang members. 

This instalment clearly had a Quentin Tarantino flavour to it.

The game begins with the player’s character waking up from a coma and was believed to be dead, following the after-effects of the boat explosion that concluded the game’s first instalment. This begs the question, who tried to kill you and what was their motivation?

Unlike the first game in the franchise, the plot is certainly clear, your character is out for retribution. Former allies from the first game have moved on, Troy Bradshaw is now the head of police while Johnny Gat is awaiting trial for murder.

The Player’s character can now subsequently speak rather than just follow other gang member’s lead; you also have around 90 minutes of awesome cut scenes to admire featuring fistfights, shootouts and executions.

On top of this, over 40 missions were included for your character to complete and who can forget the fun side missions such as crowd control as you earn money-protecting celebrities from over-zealous fans that earn you crucial bonus cash.

Ultimately Saints Row 2 certainly gave you newfound freedom to create a new gang in your character’s image as well as purchasing properties and stylising the gang’s uniform.

Although there are undeniable similarities with other franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, the character creation mode is certainly a feature that up to now is unique to the Saints Row series.

Along with a competitive multiplayer mode, Saints Row 2 provided the gamer with plenty of twists and turns as well as undeniable entertainment.

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