Video goes viral showing 'Steven Gerrard doesn't get the respect he deserves'

Steven Gerrard was a fantastic player.

Gerrard joined Liverpool at the age of nine and made his debut for the club nine years later.

He went on to make 710 appearances for the club and score 186 goals.

The English midfielder also helped the club to nine trophies, including the Champions League in 2005 and the FA Cup in 2006.

However, despite coming so close on numerous occasions, Gerrard was unable to guide Liverpool to the Premier League title.

He came ever so close in 2014, but his infamous slip against Chelsea saw their title hopes fade.

Unfortunately, that’s what some fans remember about Gerrard the most nowadays, rather than his brilliance on the pitch.

Some also use his inability to win the Premier League as an argument against his greatness.

A video has now emerged on Twitter titled: Steven Gerrard doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Tweeted by @SamMcGuire90, the two-minute long video includes several incredible passes by Gerrard in a red shirt.

Some of the clips are just ridiculous and you can watch the video below:

Not featured in the video is Gerrard’s incredible pass to Milan Baros during the Champions League semi-final second leg against Chelsea in 2005…

The video has since gone viral, accumulating over 5k retweets and 26k ‘likes’ at the time of writing.

His passing range was a joke.

Gerrard could spray the ball from one touchline to the other with pinpoint accuracy.

One clip features him volleying the ball from the right into the box with incredible technique.

He also had the ability to pull off deft passes with the outside of the boot.

His through-ball against Fulham, which was latched onto and then finished by Daniel Sturridge, was another ridiculous bit of skill.

And football fans have been reminiscing about just how good Gerrard was.

He really was a brilliant player. It’s just a shame that some people tend to focus on that slip rather than his brilliance on the football pitch.

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