WWE news: Inside Vince McMahon's incredible £32 million mansion

McMahon has been criticised for laying off staff this week

Vince McMahon has built WWE into a worldwide phenomenon. 

He's re-defined sports entertainment, drawn a fanbase of millions and won himself a rather massive fortune in the process.

The chairman and CEO of WWE is worth $1.7 billion as of this year - so rather unsurprisingly, he's got a bit of cash to spend. 

In the past, McMahon has been famously linked with owning limousines, a private jet, and a yacht. 

But one of his biggest purchases was the Hurlingham Drive mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The property is now named Conyers Farm - and it cost McMahon £25 million. But arguably, it's worth every penny. 

Per The Sun, his three-storeyed mansion - located on the outskirts of the city and close to WWE's Global HQ - has nine bathrooms, a gym and a guest room.

The entrance has two large white gates and the long driveway to the door is surrounded by lush greenery. 

McMahon's mansion as seen from above

A fountain stands in the front yard, while a 'huge garage' stands adjacent to it. 

The back door of the property leads to two large gardens either side of a corridor - and there's a pool on one side. 

McMahon's mansion also has a big conservatory area and in total, his land spans 10-acres of the surrounding area. 

The entrance to McMahon's estate

Since moving in, the properties value has rocketed and when it was last valued, it was said to be worth around $40m (£32m). 

That's pretty impressive, isn't it? 

While McMahon can sleep comfortably in his mansion knowing he's got more than enough money in the bank, he's been heavily criticised for releasing a lot of WWE talent this week. 

McMahon has been criticised for releasing talent

As of writing, 26 wrestlers have been cut as the company aim to save $4m per month during the coronavirus crisis.

None of them will have the luxury of returning to a fancy mansion like their former boss, either.

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