Company wants Gulag experts to help struggling players on Call of Duty: Warzone


Ever been told that you are wasting time playing video games by your parents and would never get a job that way?

Well, it turns out that all those hours staring at the screen may have in fact been well spent after all.

The online marketplace,, have ultimately concluded that they require 'Call of Duty: Warzone' expert gamers' wisdom and are willing to pay for their knowledge.

The company decided to launch this service following a survey including 1,000 Warzone players and discovering that 65% of gamers found the Gulag mode too difficult and 74% wished they could improve at the game in some form of capacity.

Subsequently, OnBuy is seeking a team of ‘Gulag Gurus’ to provide tuition to those who are struggling to get to grips with the Battle Royale free to play game, which was released last month.

This would entail Gulag guidance and teaching players the best tactics to use such as where to bunker down and providing weapons workshops that includes helping their student decide what weapon loadouts to go for in their pre-game set up.

Finally, giving crucial real time feedback by either observing or teaming up with their pupil in the game and crucially imparting their in-game experience.

All that is required on the would be tutor’s part is to have access to an Xbox One, Playstation 4 or a PC in order to download the Activision Battle Royale title as well as a reliable internet connection.


OnBuy have indicated that they are willing to pay up to £35 per hour and among some of benefits include remote working, flexi-time as well as getting paid to play a 'Call of Duty' video game!

So do you fancy parting some of that valuable Warzone guidance? Well you can find more information on where to send your CV and cover letter here.

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