13 years ago today, Barcelona's Lionel Messi scored THAT goal against Getafe

  • Oli Moore

When you've scored the sheer lorryload of goals that Lionel Messi has, there are bound to be some absolute gems in there.

The Argentine has smashed records left, right and centre during his incredible career for Barcelona, and while his international career hasn't quite hit the heights of his club one, he's still got a highly-respectable goalscoring return.

Those goalscoring feats have resulted in a bulging club trophy cabinet, with Messi being the key player during one of the best periods in Barcelona's history.

And his personal trophy collection is remarkable too, centring around those six Ballon d'Ors - an all-time record.

When trying to compare Messi and his great rival Cristiano Ronaldo, a fundamental argument from camp Ronaldo is that the Portuguese is a stronger all-round athlete who is more capable of scoring a variety of goals due to his aerial threat and ability with both feet.

Messi, on the other hand, is seen as the stronger dribbler, with the unequalled ability to carry the ball through teams at searing pace.

That doesn't mean that he can't score all types of goals though - just think of that perfect header against Manchester United in the 2009 Champions League final or the ferocious power that he has generated for the countless long-range goals that he's scored too.

When you try and think of Mess's best goals, a few immediately spring to mind.

There was the mazy dribble that left the Bernabéu silent as he slid past Iker Casillas to knock Real Madrid out of the Champions League semi-finals in 2011.

And there was the incredible scoop and finish against Arsenal during the same Champions League run.


But arguably the best of his career came against Getafe. Like the goal against Madrid, it was the classic Messi goal that you first think of - the slaloming run at pace through countless defenders followed by the coolest of finishes.

In April 2007, Messi was a relative newcomer to the Barcelona side at the time, though many watching him knew of his huge potential.

Having received the ball out wide just inside his own half, he nutmegs not one but two Getafe players before starting off on his dribble.

After leaving more opposition players in his wake, he then slaloms between the desperate dives of two defenders on the edge of the box before rounding the keeper and still has the presence of mind to lift the ball over the defender sliding in on the line. Incredible.

The goal is reminiscent of Diego Maradona's famous one against England (the one that wasn't the Hand of God...) and unsurprisingly started comparisons between the two players. Based on the career he's had, Messi obviously didn't feel the pressure.

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