Romelu Lukaku shuts down fan when asked: 'Rate your first touch out of 10'


Romelu Lukaku is lethal in front of goal.

He's scored goals wherever he has played in his career. In total, he's hit the back of the net 262 times in 532 games.

Given he's still only 26 years old, that's a rather impressive goal tally.

However, Lukaku has been mocked in the past few years for his first touch.

It got to the point where former Premier League striker Mickey Quinn said Lukaku had the worst touch he'd ever seen in England's top tier.

“I don’t think Romelu Lukaku is the right fit for Manchester United," he said in May 2019.

“People might question that because he’s a goalscorer but, and a truly mean this, he’s got the worst first touch I have ever seen from a centre forward playing in the Premier League.

“I’m not saying he’s a bad player. He’s a very good player, but he’s not the right fit for Manchester United.

“United have got a heck of a lot of work to do to get back to where they should be. Not where they want to be, where they should be.”


Lukaku hasn't ever spoken out about his touch. But he held a Q&A on Twitter on Saturday evening, where a fan brought it up.

@Lewanjoski asked the Inter star: "Rate your first touch out of 10".

Lukaku couldn't resist replying and decided to shut down the fan.

"Better than yours that’s for sure," he replied.

He's not wrong. Fair play to Lukaku for defending himself and firing back at the fan.

Granted, Lukaku had some moments to forget trying to trap the ball at Man United.

But the criticism he's got in the past few years has been extreme to say the least. 

Elsewhere in his Q&A, Lukaku was asked about his experience working alongside Thierry Henry at Belgium.

He was asked about his experience at Chelsea and Manchester United.

And he was also asked about the difference between playing in Serie A and the Premier League.

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