Thierry Henry slammed as 'the most overrated striker in history' by Twitter thread

  • Kobe Tong

Thierry Henry is the greatest player in Premier League history, right?

Well, you'd have good reason for thinking so after football fans voted him as the competition's number one during Mirror’s Football's World Cup of Premier League greats this week.

The Arsenal legend defeated the likes of Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes with landslide votes to reiterate just how impressive his legacy truly is.

Henry holds the record for the most Premier League Golden Boots (4), holds the assists record for a single season and was the key man in Arsenal's unforgettable 'Invincibles' campaign.

We even highlighted earlier this week that Henry came top in the Premier League for combined goals and assists in four consecutive seasons during his pomp.

Is Henry overrated?

Combine that with the fact he won the Champions League with Barcelona and World Cup with France to give yourself a pretty comprehensive picture of one of the modern game's greats.

So, all that considered, it would be pretty bonkers to suggest that Henry was somehow overrated... right? Well, try telling that to Twitter user '@OdoiSZN20_'.

We've seen it argued before that Henry isn't a big name player or that Didier Drogba was a superior forward, but this 14-tweet (how apt) thread has gone straight for the jugular.


Twitter thread 'exposing' Henry

From exposing big misses in crucial matches to accusations of 'piggybacking' off Lionel Messi, the supporter's arguments have racked up a cool 761 'likes' and over 150 retweets. 

However, we'll let you make your own minds up about Henry, so check out the full thread down below: 

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To be fair, there is an argument that Henry flopped in some of the biggest games of his career.

It was wildly uncharacteristic to see him spurning chances in the 2006 Champions League final as well as other key moments where Arsenal failed to claim the European glory they deserved.

However, to claim that he's the most overrated striker in history seems like a gross overstatement and his goal record speaks for itself, regardless of whether it was much cop in finals.

It can't be claimed that Henry's goals didn't contribute to trophies when he was France's top scorer at the 1998 World Cup and he found the net 30 times during Arsenal's 2003/04 title win. 


As for somehow relying on Messi and Samuel Eto'o during the treble-winning year at Barcelona, lest we forget that the Frenchman notched up 26 goals in just 42 games during that very season.

So, yes, there might be some credence to Henry's statistics in finals, but it's hard to read anything calling him 'the most overrated' without smelling hyperbole from a mile away.

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