WWE news: Final creative ideas for The Revival revealed

  • Will Day

Tag team Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, better known as The Revival, have recently been released from their WWE contracts and are free to work anywhere they choose.

However, Vince McMahon and WWE’s last creative idea for the duo have now been revealed, thanks to Bodyslam, and they are truly shocking. 

McMahon was believed to have been interested in giving The Revival a new gimmick and having them act as a comedy pair. 

It is thought this would have meant new ring gear, new music, and a completely different dynamic. 

Currently the most talked about point is the ring gear they could’ve ended up wearing. Images have been released by Cassidy Haynes and Bodyslam of what was presented to The Revival by Vince McMahon at their final meeting, and it shows the two dressed in colourful, almost joker-esque, costumes.

Over the past couple of years, there has been plenty of reports of how the pair were unhappy with the management, and after much speculation of what was next for their careers, it was decided it was best for all parties to release them from their contracts. 

Both Dash and Dawson were vocal about wanting to leave the company, insisting that throughout the years they wanted to make tag team wrestling great again.

This news did not please the likes of Triple H, who spent considerable time and resources building them up as one of the best teams WWE has ever seen from a worker’s perspective. 

Sadly for him, the unforgiving land of the main roster did not play too kindly with the throwbacks; who are known more for their old school mentality and straight up fighting attitude. 

This is, of course, unlike most of WWE today, where almost all of the athletes are agile and able to perform flips, big moves and flashy gimmicks.

Although not being the most desirable of tag teams within the ring, the pair were very good for the fans and company in general with plenty of charisma and entertainment factor outside of it. 

After previous reports of the two being unhappy at the WWE, it was thought The Revival weren’t at all interested in resigning, whether it be under a new alias or not, and it was first thought they would move to a different wrestling company. 

Originally it was thought they would sign with Dynamite. 

This is, of course, chasing the match a lot of wrestling fans want to see – The Revival vs The Young Bucks. 

Currently, the pair have shown little interest in the idea of signing with Dynamite, however, they have with all wrestling companies, therefore only time will tell what is next for The Revival.

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