WWE news: Fans are posting their 'Time Machine Booking' on Twitter

Fans are taking to Twitter to partake in the latest trend which is known as #TimeMachineBooking.

Lockdown has hit the world of professional wrestling pretty hard over the past few weeks, so it’s no surprise that the WWE Universe and wrestling universe as a whole have come together to entertain one another.

A lot of wrestling promotions across the globe have been forced to cancel all live events for the foreseeable future, with yet no end date in sight.

WWE was no exception to this and had been forced on a number of occasions to pre-record flag-ship shows including Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and NXT; as well as most notably, for the first time in the company’s history, a pre-recorded WrestleMania – spanning over a two-night period.

Wrestling fans have been putting all the extra time they have to interesting use of late, taking to Twitter to showcase their very own booking abilities.

The hashtag ‘#TimeMachineBooking’ has been trending worldwide on the social media platform in recent days with fans having their say on who they would pair up in a matchup; they have selected superstars from any era – hence, time machine booking.

A number of fans have had their say with most notable suggestions ranging from: Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle, The Fiend vs Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk, Chyna vs Charlotte Flair, Eddie Guerrero vs Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar vs Vader

The list goes on.

There are a few interesting mentions to say the least, most notably Brock Lesnar vs Vader and The Fiend vs Mankind.

Let’s take the Lesnar vs Vader matchup into consideration for just a minute. Both very big and physical athletes and both able to bully opponents if they wanted to. A true clash of monsters for sure, albeit, Lesnar has a big speed and agility advantage, but that’s not to understate the explosive power of Vader.

The Fiend vs Mankind is another interesting one for sure, both eccentric characters and disturbing personalities to boot. The Fiend certainly has impressive in-ring ability, whereas Mankind has a knack for withstanding large amounts of punishment. Positively, another truly must-see matchup.

Time machine booking is seriously a thing and is setting Twitter on fire with fans all across the world having their say.

Go and have a search for yourself!

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