Barcelona accidentally 'leak' Manchester United's new home kit for 2020/21 season

We’re not quite sure when the 2020/21 season will start but that doesn’t mean preparations for the new campaign have stopped.

And that involves the manufacturing of new kits for the new season.

As always, social media is awash with ‘leaks’ of new jerseys.

It’s sometimes hard to know which ‘leaks’ are real and which ‘leaks’ are fake. Fans will just have to wait until their club officially reveal the new strips to find out.

That’s if another club doesn’t accidentally reveal your kit beforehand.

Well, that’s what Barcelona seem to have done to Manchester United.

Barca posted a video on their YouTube account on Sunday afternoon, which involved a friendly simulation between themselves and United.

However, their original thumbnail showed Paul Pogba wearing what seemed to be his side’s new strip.

The design shows unusual black and yellow stripes on the red shirt with a flattened down white collar.

It’s not too dissimilar to their 1990-92 home shirt, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Barca have since deleted the thumbnail and reuploaded a new one – but not before angry United fans starting kicking off.

Supporters on Reddit have been reacting to the leaked shirt – and some of them aren’t very impressed!

The top reply reads: “Adidas, when we said “Ole’s at the wheel”, we didn’t mean that you should make our kit look like a bus seat!”

Another added: “S**t kit, reminds me of a Christmas jumper.”

“I refuse to believe it, that is the ugliest kit I have ever seen,” a third commented

“How do we let Adidas know that this is repulsive?” one asked.

While a fifth said: “Someone gets paid a lot of money to dream up the awful kits. How do I get that job?”

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