A new boxing game is finally coming and it's called eSports Boxing Club

  • Alex Batt

What have boxing fans been desperate for over the last few years?

No, we’re not talking about Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua, we are talking about a new boxing game.

Despite Eddie Hearn’s constant pleas for a new version of Fight Night, and despite him dropping hints left, right and centre, so far we’ve had nothing concrete about a new boxing game.

Can you believe that the last game to come out was back in 2011?! That is now nine years ago. Fight Night Champion came out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and that just goes to show how long it has truly been.

Since then, we’ve had a whole new generation of consoles with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we are close to getting the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

Enough is enough; we need a new boxing game and we need it soon!

Well luckily, it seems our prayers have finally, FINALLY, been answered.

SteelCityInteractive took to Twitter yesterday to post a video of their new boxing game which will be coming out in the not too distant future.

The game will be called ‘eSports Boxing Club’ and going by the trailer, it actually looks pretty decent.


As you can see, the graphics look decent, and this is far from the finished product either.

In their tweet promoting the game, they said: “We are proud to announce our launch trailer for eSports Boxing Club! We have been hard at work since development started in 2019. We have current and former world champions!”

They also then listed a few recognisable names who will be in the game, including Ricky Hatton and Frank Bruno.

With EA Sports delaying a new Fight Night, SteelCityInteractive have come in and swooped the rug from under their feet.

Let’s hope the game delivers when it’s finally released!

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