WWE news: Chris Jericho names his wrestling Mount Rushmore

Plenty of fans and even some stars themselves have been naming a ‘Mount Rushmore’ of pro-wrestling in recent months. 

To put it simply, you pick – in your eyes – the four greatest performers of all-time. 

Easy, right? Of course it’s not! 

There are so many legends of the industry that picking just four seems almost criminal. But it’s fun none the less. 

This weekend, Chris Jericho was asked to name his wrestling Mt. Rushmore and the AEW star seriously struggled. 

“That’s hard, four, that’s for Mount Rushmore right?” Jericho began on his ‘Saturday Night Special‘ stream, per Wrestling News.

“Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Ricky Steamboat are the biggest influences of mine.

“Now that I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years, for me, this is my personal Mount Rushmore.” 

Y2J went on to explain why the Heartbreak Kid makes his Mt. Rushmore, before throwing some more names into the mix. 

“Shawn Michaels, to me he’s the greatest of all time, sorry, for me, what I like, he’s the greatest of all-time.

“Bret Hart is in there as well. I gotta put Hulk Hogan in there. Hulk Hogan was a hero of mine as a kid. The biggest, greatest star of all-time. 

“And then what do I do? Rock? Austin? Can I get my sandblaster out and put another face on this. This is just for me, f*ck it. It’s my Mount Rushmore, I can do whatever I want.” 

No, Chris. That’s not how it works! After a bit more thought, he finally named his four. 

“All right, you want it, you got it. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Ultimo Dragon (Yoshihiro Asai). 

“One of the greatest wrestlers I have ever seen in my life. One of the greatest performers I ever worked with. That’s my four. Deal with it.” 

Now that’s a Mount Rushmore we’re struggling to disagree with. 

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