Brazilian Ronaldo is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, says Christian Vieri


For the past decade, football fans have been arguing over who is better: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The two superstars have dominated world football and both have genuine claims to be called the greatest player to have ever played the game.

They’ve certainly been the best in their era, winning a crazy 11 Ballon d’Ors between them in the last 12 years.

But are they the greatest EVER?

Well, one man believes that we’ve been comparing Messi with the wrong Ronaldo this whole time.

That’s because legendary Italian striker Christian Vieri thinks the original Ronaldo - Ronaldo Luís Nazario de Lima was actually better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Asked to make his pick by the Daily Mail, Vieri said: “I am a friend of Ronnie and I was lucky enough to have him as a striker with me. He had it all. He was explosive, powerful and fast. He looked like a dancer, he seemed to dance with the ball. 

I say that Brazilian Ronaldo is better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

“CR7 is a war machine, he is admirable for everything he does and for all the things he continues to do. Cristiano can play up to 40 years with a cigarette between his lips, as they say in Italy. He has a sculptural physique.”


It’s certainly a debatable opinion.

But there’s very little doubt that the Brazilian is also one of the greatest ever.

The striker scored goals for fun at Cruzeiro, PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Corinthians. If knee injuries didn’t hamper him, he would have achieved even more.

He did still manage to claim two Ballon d’Ors himself but that simply doesn’t compare to Cristiano Ronaldo’s five.

Two incredible players who happen to have the same name - but we think Cristiano just edges it.

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