Cesc Fabregas says his greatest 'assist' for Chelsea was a pass that Diego Costa missed

Cesc Fabregas is one of the greatest passers of a football the Premier League has ever seen.

The Spaniard graced the Premier League for more than a decade with Arsenal and Chelsea. And he was a delight to watch.

His passing range was, quite frankly, ridiculous.

That’s epitomised by his 111 assists in his 350 Premier League matches, second behind only Ryan Giggs. Although his assist per game record reigns supreme.

But despite all of those assists, Fabregas still remembers an assist that never was.

During a Monday afternoon Q&A on Twitter, Chelsea’s official Twitter account asked Fabregas to name his favourite assist for the club.

However, he surprised everyone by naming a pass that failed to result in a goal.

“The half volley one to Diego Costa away at Swansea that he missed…I’ll never forgive him for that one,” he replied.

We don’t blame you if you can’t quite remember what that pass looked like. Luckily, a fan posted a video of the incredible ball in the replies.

Yeah, that’s not bad!

Days after Diego Costa fluffed that chance, Fabregas joked he was furious his teammate had denied him a beautiful assist.

“I remember assists like a goalscorer remembers goals. I have a soft spot for them. The pass I was disappointed that it wasn’t a goal was the other day against Swansea,” he told The Telegraph back in 2015.

I hit a volley to leave Diego one‑on‑one with the goalkeeper and he didn’t score, and I killed him afterwards because it could have been one of my best ever.

Incidentally, Fabregas registered three assists that day.

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