WWE news: Nia Jax slammed by fans for dangerous botch against Kairi Sane

  • Alex Batt

She hasn’t been back from injury very long, but Nia Jax is already rubbing the WWE Universe up the wrong way.

The Samoan destroyer is known for her brutality in the ring, especially considering she’s twice the size of most of her competitors, but that doesn’t mean she needs to be dangerous when she steps foot inside the squared circle.

However, that is what the WWE fans are calling her after the latest episode of Monday Night RAW.

Jax was once again going up against Kairi Sane, and one moment in particular during the match led to fans slaughtering her and accusing her of being way too dangerous.

Ironically enough, Jax was recently discussing how a certain Ronda Rousey was too dangerous in the ring, saying she kept injuring her friend Alexa Bliss on numerous occasions.

Well, it seems like most fans are screaming pot kettle black as Jax also has a bit of history when it comes to dangerous botches.

During this one in particular, it looks like she was setting Sane up for a buckle bomb, nothing out of the ordinary there then, but instead of dropping her opponent on the top rope, she seemingly dropped her somewhere between the middle and bottom.

It was a nasty crash for Sane, who was quick to grab her back on the mat alongside the referee checking up on her to make sure she was okay.

You can see the botch for yourself in the video below.

As you can see, pretty dangerous stuff with seemingly no care in the world for her opponent’s wellbeing.

To make matters worse for Jax, she took to Twitter soon after the event to quote tweet the above video, and make a comment with regards to Rousey.


Probably not the smartest move to wind up the WWE Universe, Jax, especially when they are already fuming with you.

Plenty of tweets can be found on Twitter criticising her work and calling her unsafe, which is no surprise given the latest botch.

As you can see from the two screenshots above, plenty of WWE fans are not happy with what they saw on RAW, and in truth, those are just a handful, there are MANY more that could have been shared.

We get that Jax is meant to be this destructive force in the ring, that’s what makes her unique in the women’s division, but a little bit more protection for her opponents and colleagues wouldn’t go a miss.

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