Leak reveals a new Batman game is being announced soon


For the last two years it's been heavily rumoured that a new Batman franchise entry was on its way. It's taken a while, but it's now looking like we'll be hearing about a new game very soon.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has hardly been quiet about the need for a fresh addition to the series, with various members of staff from the development studio hinting about a future title for a while now.

Though, it seems we might now have a reason to get excited.

A report published last month claimed that Warner Bros had planned a huge E3 2020 press conference where it would announce two very highly sought after games: the new Batman and an open-world Harry Potter game.

Of course, with the cancellation of E3 due to the coronavirus pandemic, we won't be able to experience the announcements as WB might have wanted us to, but hopefully we'll at least get something.

According to an apparent leaker on Reddit, Warner Bros. will still be announcing the new Batman title in June, around when E3 was scheduled for, or perhaps "maybe sooner."

Explaining on Reddit, the leaker added: "I hardly know anything about this game and I'm not gonna make anything up.

"Announcement is still coming in June or MAYBE sooner. When it comes to Rocksteady and Harry Potter I don't know what the case is now but Batman is WB's next big 'internal' release (not counting Cyberpunk 2077). It has to release this year and it has to be announced in June.


"I can't offer more info than that, but I promise you that I know that they contractually need to announce this game by June regardless of E3's cancellation. You'll see for yourselves very soon."

As always with these leaks, it's impossible to fully trust anything you see on the internet, especially with a name like MisterBlum2020, it hardly screams reliability.

While we're not entirely sure how Warner Bros. are going to work around E3's cancellation, it wouldn't be surprising to see some kind of digital event to showcase its upcoming titles, which will hopefully include another action-packed Batman entry.

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