Man United players suffer cooking burns and dog bites during coronavirus lockdown

Manchester United players have suffered some unusual injuries during the coronavirus lockdown, including dog bites and burns while cooking.

That’s according to the club’s doctor, Steve McNally, who revealed the rise of strange injuries that have occurred.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s players are training at home following the suspension of football due to Covid-19.

Yet it’s not all been plain sailing for some members of the first-team squad.

“Fortunately, most of the boys have been well and there’s been no real issues at all,” McNally said on the club’s official app, per ESPN.

“We’re not getting injuries fortunately, although there’s been a few unusual complaints because of things like trying their hand at cooking, or being bitten by the dog, that type of thing.

“The nutritionist got the boys on an Instagram page looking at cooking lessons, so a lot of them have started to develop a new skill – and get injured in the process, one or two.”

Players have been taking to social media to share what they’ve been up to. Running is, unsurprisingly, proving to be a popular activity.

Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot, meanwhile, have enjoyed some kickabouts together.

Solskjaer’s staff at Man United have kept up to date with the players by monitoring their fitness, weight and nutrition during lockdown.

“We managed to source a number of high-quality suppliers that were prepared to do safe home deliveries for them,” McNally added.

“We rolled that out to the players and they can basically choose a bespoke Man United hamper or food-type package.

“So hopefully they’re not going without the required quality of food and we hope the quantity is right.

“We understand obviously – and we’re all probably doing it ourselves – when you’re bored, it’s easy to comfort eat.”

Solskjaer probably can’t wait to get his players back so they’re no longer at risk to themselves.

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