WWE news: Mark Henry's brilliant booking for CM Punk's return if he's the SmackDown hacker

CM Punk could be WWE's mystery hacker

SmackDown's 'mystery hacker' has been one of WWE's most gripping storylines in recent months. 

The figure has been interrupting proceedings on Friday nights and recently revealed it was Sonya Deville who scuppered Otis’ date with Mandy Rose. 

On top of that, the hacker also took over the company's Twitter account at one point and seems to be going after new targets post-WrestleMania. 

But who could it be? 

Some of the signs point to Mustafa Ali, while there are still a few WWE fans who think it could mark the return of CM Punk.

It's certainly a long shot, but even Mark Henry is hoping 'The Best in the World' is behind the hacking. 

In fact, the WWE Hall of Famer has shared a rather interesting theory on how Punk's return could go down if it was him behind the hacking. 

"I said it from the beginning that I was hoping that it would be CM Punk," Henry said on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, per Wrestling News

CM Punk could be WWE's mystery hacker

"That it would be his introduction back to pro wrestling. To be able to tell the story of ‘you want the truth?'

"'I want to give you the truth, and I’ve been around here watching and I’ve exposed the truth at some small levels. But now I’m going to share the truth on everything.'" 

That's a pretty cool idea, isn't it? It's one that Henry went on to elaborate on, saying he would want to see more pipe-bombs from Punk down the line. 

Henry hopes CM Punk is behind the hacking

"You can have him just pipe-bomb the sh*t out of the wrestling business. Yeah. And, you know, nobody, nobody talks about AEW on WWE programming.

"They can to a point, you know? I mean, one could be like ‘we did that already! I’m just telling the truth.’

"You know, just do stuff like that. You can let that character be the lightning rod of hate if you will."  

Henry wants to see more pipe-bombs

Of course, it's highly unlikely that Punk is behind the hacking. But that hasn't stopped Henry - and lots of WWE fans - wondering how his return could go down. 

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