Barcelona will sell the naming rights to Camp Nou for one year to raise money to fight coronavirus

Barcelona will sell the naming rights to their Camp Nou stadium for a year to raise money for the fight against coronavirus.

The Spanish club’s board announced on Tuesday that it will donate the entire fee raised by selling the naming rights to fighting the global pandemic.

Barcelona’s stadium is the biggest in Europe, with more than 99,000 seats. It has never had a sponsor since being opened in 1957.

“We want to send a universal message: For the first time someone will have the opportunity to put their name on Camp Nou and the revenues will go to all of humanity, not just Barca,” club vice president Jordi Cardoner told The Associated Press.

“The initiative arose in an emergency situation. We think that we have to have a very quick response, putting our crown jewel at the service (of the fight).”

Barcelona had planned to wait until the 2023-24 season to sell the naming rights to their stadium. They hope to bring in more than €300 million for a 25-year contract to pay for renovations.

Cardoner said Barcelona will listen to offers from companies and private foundations, and could even agree a deal with a group of interested sponsors who are willing to team up and possibly raise even more funds to battle the virus.

Barcelona’s stadium has plenty of appeal. They regularly play in big games and with Lionel Messi in the team, millions of eyes are always on them.

So they probably won’t find much difficulty in finding a sponsor, provided a suitable price is reached.

“Camp Nou is sending out an S.O.S.,” Cardoner added. “We are open to everything. We want to maximise the economic participation and to ensure that the partners share our same social values.”

The stadium will maintain the name ‘Camp Nou’ in addition to adding the sponsor, the club said.

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