Fans are naming one rule change they'd like to see in football

What is the one rule that you would change in football?

How about scrapping the away goals rule?

“Whether it comes into play here or not the away goal rule sucks,” Match of the Day host Gary Lineker tweeted in 2017, during Man City’s defeat to Monaco in the Champions League via the away goals rule.

“No goal should be of greater value than another.”

How about the offside rule, which has become very complicated for reasons that are quite unclear.

There have been many suggestions as to how to change the rule, which currently stipulates that a player is deemed offside if any part of their body they can score with is beyond the line of the last defender when the ball is played.

But finding a change that satisfies everyone is a near-impossible task.

That would be the case for many rule changes considered in the game.

However, fans have been naming one rule change that they want to see.

From banning referees who make mistakes to making the player who wins the penalty take it, there have been a lot of suggestions.

Some suggestions, like the tweet suggesting a fourth substitution is allowed after a player suffers a serious injury after all three subs have been used, make a lot of sense.

And it would also be interesting to see what would happen if the player who won the penalty had to take it, instead of a designated penalty-taker.

Imagine your left-back going down inside the box in the final minute of a crucial game, and having to step up to take the penalty.

One-handed throw-ins, meanwhile? That would be something. Players lobbing the ball 20 yards down the touchline to launch a counter-attack could be pretty exciting.

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