Manchester United's Scott McTominay completes 5km run in just 16 minutes

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, people around the UK have been participating in the ‘Run 5, nominate 5, donate 5.’

That requires people to run five km, nominate five people to do the same and then donate £5 to Virgin Money Giving – Run for Heroes.

Premier League footballers have been participating in the challenge and have posted their times on social media.

Ross Barkley shocked many by running his 5km in 16 minutes 11 seconds. That’s an average speed of 3:03 km/h, which is just crazy.

Manchester United players have also been participating in the challenge, with members of the squad battling to run the fastest 5km.

Daniel James revealed earlier this week that Scottish midfielder Scott McTominay is currently winning the challenge.

James revealed, per the Daily Mail: “A lot of the boys are going outside, doing runs and sending them in. It’s a competition to get the best 5k time.

“It’s been good, nice and competitive still.

“Scott is winning at the moment and I don’t think anyone is going to top it.”

The 23-year-old has now posted his time on Instagram and he managed to complete it in 16:01, which is even quicker than Barkley managed.

What a machine.

Some people may be happy with running their 5km in under 30 minutes. McTominay managed it in almost half that time.

What makes his time even more impressive is that he actually went quicker as the 5km went on.

McTominay ran the first 5km in ‘just’ 3 minutes 32 seconds, before completing the next two in 3 minutes 11 seconds and 3 minutes nine seconds.

He then finished strong as the final two km’s were run in 3 minutes.

It’s no wonder why James thinks McTominay’s time will not be beat. 16 minutes is extremely, extremely fast.

Jesse Lingard is another member of the Man United squad that has posted his 5k time.

Last week, he revealed he had run the distance in 18 minutes.

That’s an extremely fast time, but still more than two minutes slower than McTominay’s.

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