Frank Bruno is still looking absolutely ripped at 58 after sharing insight into his workout routines


Ladies and gentlemen, the same incredible fitness that led Frank Bruno to a WBC World Heavyweight Championship is the same fitness that might get him back into the ring at 58 years of age.

Frank Bruno, who is one of the most known Heavyweight Boxers in British Boxing history, posted his early morning workout on Instagram this Monday.

He had workout sessions outside in the sunny weather of spring, and inside with dumbbells in hand, running on the treadmill.

His physique looked immaculate for most people, but for 58 years old, it was insane.

"Monday morning... best way to start the day.

"Healthy body, healthy mind," the retired fighter wrote online.

As was mentioned above, it was his fitness that carried him to Heavyweight Gold in his 45-fight career, but Oliver McCall, the man he beat for the WBC title in 1995, was not the only obstacle he overcame with his fitness.

Bipolar disorder and Pneumonia are also battles that this ring warrior has had to overcome in his 58 plus year life.

People deal with these every day, and some don't make it through. But Frank Bruno used his love of fitness to lead him to victory in the 46th and 47th fights of his illustrious career.

After he called the lung disease known as Pneumonia, "one of the wickedest and most horrible things to have," when he caught it last year and made it through, he attributed it to his physical fitness.

Mr Bruno then said: "If you get it later on in life, in your 60s, 70s or 80s, some people can die from it. “Fitness took me through, helped me recover. I’m glad, thank God, I’m OK."

He sure looks alright if you ask him, or one of his many supporters, who were saying positive and supportive things, such as:

"You look better than many of today's Heavyweights," or, "Mike Tyson would stand no chance today."

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