Remembering when a schoolboy copied Sven-Goran Eriksson's hairstyle for the 2002 World Cup

Footballers have a lot of influence over youngsters. A player can be a role-model for a young football fan.

Youngsters can attempt to copy their skills on the pitch or even their appearance.

Take David Beckham for example.

Going into the 2002 World Cup, Beckham was England captain and had just adopted an outrageous ‘mohican’.

His bold new hairstyle was then copied by many adoring fans up and down the country.

But one boy, 10-year-old Tom Sylvester, decided that wasn’t for him.

The youngster, as well as all his pupils at school, had been asked to dress up as someone famous for the Golden Jubilee.

Many chose to dress up like Beckham. But not Tom.

His parents tried to get him to dress up like Elvis Presley, but that wasn’t for him either.

Instead, the schoolboy decided to dress up like England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson. No, really.

To imitate his hero, he shaved his head to copy the Swede’s hairstyle. He also put on glasses.

The result is absolutely hilarious. Watch a video, which has emerged on Twitter recently, below:

Here’s an image of Tom, back in 2002…

And here’s an image of Goran Eriksson, back in 2002…

The resemblance is uncanny. Tom’s school friends were said to be shocked when he turned up to England’s game against Nigeria looking like the Swede.

When asked why he chose to copy Goran Eriksson’s hairstyle, Tom said: “There have been quite a lot of people in the school who dress up as David Beckham and I thought ‘heck, Sven would be different.”

Brilliant. Tom’s mum also approved of his new look.

“I thought he was going to look like a prat but he looks pretty good,” she said, per the Guardian. “Like a cross between Sven and a Klingon without the wrinkles.”

We salute you, Tom. What a legend.

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