A Peaky Blinders video game has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

A year on from the exciting announcement that a Peaky Blinders game was in development, we finally have a trailer.

In an exclusive reveal, IGN posted the video on YouTube, sending fans of the mega-hit TV drama into meltdown.

However, ‘Peaky Blinders: Mastermind’ is not quite the GTA style, open-world title many might have envisaged upon hearing a game was in development but is instead a top-down puzzle game heading for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this summer.

While that may initially come as a disappointment to some, a little research does show that the game boasts some genuinely unique ideas and still has the potential to be a fine piece of work.

Players will start by taking control of six members of the infamous Shelby family all at once, making use of a nifty little rewind feature that will allow you to best utilise the various members’ skills by being able to scroll backwards and forwards between missions to help them navigate their way through.

As mentioned above, each of the six characters comes with a very specific skillset that players will use to their advantage throughout the course of the game.

For example, Polly is great at bribes and handy when it comes to lockpicking; Tommy is threatening; look no further than Ada for some top-notch distraction while Arthur is your man when it comes to brawling and kicking down a door or two. 

If that is not enough, you also have John who is the king of Arson while Finn specialises in the business of sneaking about and pickpocketing whatever he can.

“There’s a point in the show where Tommy Shelby explains he has no concern for the past, nor the future,” Game director James Marsden told IGN about the thinking behind Mastermind’s core mechanic.

“All he cares about is a crucial moment he calls the soldier’s minute.”

“We designed our game around that idea, allowing the player to plan actions backward and forward in time, choreographing an ensemble cast of characters to synchronise their actions during these crucial moments.

“The player gets to feel like the smart and sophisticated leader that Tommy is, so we think becoming the mastermind will resonate with fans of the show and gamers alike.”

All in all, it sounds like a fascinating experience and promises to be a shed-load of fun.

Set as a prequel to the first season of the show, the game will also provide a bit of a back-story to some of the characters we have come to know and love.

While no official release date has been set down, the game is expected to drop at some point during the summer.

We simply can’t wait.

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