Roy Keane's 12 most explosive moments as a pundit proves he's TV gold

Roy Keane is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Irishman earned a reputation as a player for a no-nonsense style-of-play, an approach he also uses in his punditry.

Keane, who currently works as a pundit for ITV and Sky Sports, tears apart players on a weekly basis and simply does not care what anyone thinks. He’s also not afraid to get into arguments on air with his colleagues.

Quite simply, Keane is TV gold.

We’ve decided to list 12 of his best moments as a TV pundit, which range from destroying Jack Wilshere to arguing with Ian Wright.

Criticises Luke Shaw for warming up with a hat

Keane was feeling confident ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Liverpool in January. That’s until he saw Luke Shaw warming up with a hat.

“When I see Shaw coming back into the team… the nearer we’re getting to kick-off, the more worried I’m getting,” he said. “I was fine about two hours ago.

“But when I see the players getting warmed up in silly hats…”

Saying his daughter is stronger than Adam Lallana

Keane was very complimentary of Billy Gilmour for his performance in Liverpool vs Chelsea earlier this month.

But he thought the Scottish youngster would have a harder time against Everton, mainly due to the strength of Adam Lallana.

“I think Everton in a strange way will be a tougher test than the Liverpool game, because Lallana was in midfield that night and I think my daughter’s probably stronger than him,” Keane said on Sky Sports.

Argument with Gary Neville

Keane has gone at it with multiple pundits in the past few years.

His most memorable clash arguably came with Neville, as the two disagreed about the amount of work-rate Man United put in after defeat to Man City last April.

Saying he wouldn’t watch Liverpool in his back garden

One of his most famous quotes came back November 2017 when he claimed he wouldn’t watch Liverpool in his back garden.

“It’s hard to figure out Liverpool at the moment,” he told ITV. “It’s hard to get excited about them. To me, they are going nowhere fast.

“They’re neat and tidy, but defensively… come the end of the season when the prizes are being given out, Liverpool will be nowhere near them.

“If Liverpool were playing out in my back garden, I wouldn’t watch them. They’re just drifting. Drifting nowhere.”

These comments didn’t age well.

Calling Aurier and Rose ‘dumb and dumber’

Keane was not happy with Tottenham’s two full-backs after their 2-1 defeat to Liverpool in October.

“The two Tottenham full-backs were dreadful,” he said. “Dumb and Dumber I call them. I thought they were really poor, you cannot compare them to the two Liverpool lads who were absolutely fantastic. I thought they were a joke, really abysmal.”

That’s not the first time he’s called out Rose. Just a few weeks prior, Keane called him ‘shocking’ and ‘abysmal’ after England’s loss to Czech Republic.

Slating Liverpool and Man Utd players for hugging before game

Keane snapped when he saw Liverpool and United players hugging before their Premier League match at Old Trafford in October.

“You’re going to war. Hugging, kissing – don’t even look at them,” Keane said in disgust.

Jones then asked: “Hasn’t the game changed?”

Keane replied: “The game hasn’t changed that much, the players have changed, the players have changed.

“You’re going to war and you’re hugging each other. Chat to them after the game – or maybe not even chat to them.”

Telling United to go and sign Harry Kane

Keane left his fellow pundits stunned when he said United should just go out and get Kane in October.

“Go and get Kane. Just go and get Kane from Spurs. Easy,” he said casually. “Just go and get him.”

When his colleagues just started at him, Keane continued: “What are you all staring at? They’re in disarray. Go and get him.”

Says United players will throw Solskjaer under the bus

When Solskjaer was having a bad spell last April, Keane called out United’s players for throwing Jose Mourinho under the bus and said they will do the same with the Norwegian.

Slating Lingard for launching clothing range before Liverpool game

Keane is a simple man. He thinks footballers should devote themselves fully to the game and not do anything else.

So, when Jesse Lingard launched his clothing range days before a game against Liverpool in December 2018, he wasn’t happy.

“If there was a good, strong dressing room that would not be tolerated,” he said. “That is why I worry about the United dressing room. That wouldn’t be tolerated in a good dressing room. For a young player, who is still learning his trade.

“Again, he could be the nicest kid in the world, I don’t know the lad. But if you are coming out with all that nonsense, people say you should have other stuff outside of football, I don’t think you should!

“I think football should be your number one priority. It should be. Focus on the game, don’t hide behind your cars, or your tattoos or your girlfriends or your agent, play the game.”

Going toe-to-toe with Ian Wright after Croatia 2-1 England

Cast your minds back to the summer of 2018. The whole of England thought it was coming home, but hopes were dashed when they were beaten 2-1 in the World Cup semi-finals.

Keane, who would have been happy with the outcome, then mocked England’s pundits for celebrating before they had won anything.

That didn’t go down too well with Wright, who then got in a heated debate with the Irishman.

Wright even resorted to mocking Keane’s accent, who didn’t look best pleased…

Calls Wilshere the most overrated player on the planet

Keane didn’t hold back when Arsenal lost to Ostersund in February 2018.

The Gunners had been captained by Wilshere on the day, who Keane described as the ‘most overrated player on the planet.’

The Irishman then launched another attack on him a few months later.

“Listen, maybe people think I have been harsh on him, but I have never been a big fan,” he said. “For an attacking player, he doesn’t get enough goals, he doesn’t get enough assists.

“The guy’s career is drifting. As bad as Arsenal were, he was really bad.

“Has he been offered a contract? If I was him I’d sign it quickly because if he thinks he is going to be getting big offers in the summer I’d be surprised.”

Calls Diego Costa a ‘balloon’

In late 2017, Costa did not return to Chelsea after Antonio Conte told him he had no future at the club.

Keane took Conte’s side, saying he should get rid of the Spaniard and bizarrely compared him to a ‘balloon’.

“They are better off without him,” said Keane. “The guy is obviously big trouble.

“I know he has done well for them, but he looks to me to be a bit of a balloon. Get rid of him. Have players at your club that want to be there.”

May Keane grace out TV screens for the foreseeable future. He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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