WWE news: The Rock reveals the moment he realised fame was making him an a**hole

The Rock spoke about how fame changes a person

The Rock has opened up about his views on fame and revealed the moment he realised being a celebrity was turning him into an 'asshole'. 

His watershed moment came back in the late 1990s when he was at the height of his WWE fame and saw a couple hyping themselves up to come and talk to him. 

"[Fame] can be highly deceiving, cold-blooded and set you down a dark path that ends in self-destruction if you let yourself buy into your own fame," Rock said during an Instagram Live Q&A.

"I started to become as asshole about my fame when I was a famous pro wrestler in my 20s until one fateful night changed my perspective, self-awareness and gratitude for the rest of my life.

"[The couple] come up, and they were so nice. I’ll never forget it because this moment became my teachable moment and a great lesson that I took with me for life.

"And I’m so grateful it happened. And I thank this couple, by the way. They probably had no idea that they were part of a defining moment of my life."

The Rock - or Dwyane Johnson - remembers the couple apologising profusely for interrupting him and asking for an autograph and picture.

"Of course I said yes, but how I said yes was a psychological play, like I was playing chess because I said yes, but in a way that made them feel bad. 

The Rock recalled a story from 1999

"So I said '...Sure. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Come on. Sit down.' And at that moment, their demeanour changed, their energy changed.

"They went from excited, and 'sorry' but really excited, to then they felt bad. I have goosebumps now thinking about it.

"They said, 'We’re so sorry. You know what? Bad idea.' The wife is hitting the husband. 'See? I told you we shouldn’t come over.'" 

After that happened, Johnson assured the fans it was okay and invited them to sit down before signing their menus and taking a picture. 

The Rock now sees the encounter as a teachable moment

The Rock then recalls the couple still apologising as they walked away and says that encounter had a huge impact on how he handled any future situation.

"It took all of 30 seconds, not even 30 seconds, for me to realise that I had an opportunity to make somebody feel good, and I made them feel bad.

And what an asshole that made me. And what an asshole, rightfully so, that made me feel like.

These days, of course, Johnson is known for being one of the good guys - and it seems that's down to an experience he had in a restaurant over 20 years ago. 

The Rock is now one of the good guys

Maybe one day he'll meet that couple again and tell them personally just how much that meeting changed his life. 

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