Call of Duty: Warzone update is set to fix cheater problems by pitting cheaters against each other

Activision and Infinity Ward have announced a new fix this week to prevent cheaters in the online multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Warzone.

The following updates have confirmed via Infinity Ward’s Twitter page:

“Updated matchmaking to match suspected cheaters together.”

Pitting cheaters against each other certainly seems ideal as it prevents them prospering at the expense of honest gamers.

The reporting system is something that the developers have also been working on, as players in Warzone and Modern Warfare who report suspected cheaters would receive a confirmation in game when a player is banned.

While a report a player function will soon be added to both the KillCam and Spectate modes.

Activision also issued a statement saying:

“We take all forms of cheating very seriously, maintaining a level and fair playing field for everyone is among our highest priorities.

This is an area we have been working on heavily, but it is not always something that we discuss publicly.”

Some players have expressed concerns already on the number of cheats and those on consoles have tried to address the issue by deciding to turn off the cross-play with PC gamers as PC is, historically, where most of the cheating tends to take place.

It was reported last week that despite Call of Duty’s free playing Battle Royale game, Warzone being only a month, old over 70,000 cheaters have already been banned according to Infinity Ward.

That being said, despite the reported large numbers of cheaters banned from the game, Warzone has already seen over 50 million players take part in a match.

PlayStation 4’s version of the game has particularly been enjoying added popularity with the addition of an exclusive mission in the Modern Warfare Barracks tab.

It remains to be seen if these updates introduced by Infinity Ward are effective but it is good to see that they are being so proactive.

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