WWE news: Photos emerge of unique Money in the Bank set up at WWE HQ

  • Tom Kelly

Whilst the world has been starved of sporting entertainment, at least we still get to see the WWE universe still in action.

Albeit that it’s slightly weird that the wrestlers are shouting to an empty crowd – at least it’s something. 

However, an exciting revelation has been unveiled by NoDQ.com which will understandably leave WWE fans on the edge of their seat. 

Photos of the ‘Money in the Bank’ set-up has emerged and it appears that WWE have pushed the boundaries and created an extraordinary fighting scenario. 

Due to social distancing currently being in place, this has restricted the organisation from attracting an audience. However, it seems that WWE has taken this negative and turned it into a daring positive, as they’ve recently placed a ring on top of the WWE headquarters. 

The ring is surrounded by over a dozen conifers and green mood lighting, with a ring at the centre of the roof.

The headquarters rooftop is also littered with WWE-styled ladders and two money bank briefcases that are suspended high above the ring and out of reach of the wrestlers. 

Unfortunately for WWE fans, it’s going to be a long period of time before they see their beloved wrestling heroes in the flesh again.

President Donald Trump decided to extend the nations social distancing guidelines until April 30th, which means live wrestling during the month, and possibly next,  is effectively out the window. 

Wrestling Inc. stated, “It looks like all WWE events for the month of April have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that the WWE Performance Center tapings will continue.”

With tapings now seemingly the only avenue in which the WWE franchise can continue to stream fights, the production of the headquarters rooftop ring definetly makes sense. 

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