The new Crash Bandicoot mobile game has appeared on the Google Play store


Is this finally the good news that we’ve been waiting for? Is our quarantine boredom about to be cured?

Quite possibly, yes. A Crash Bandicoot mobile game seemingly appeared on the Google Play Store earlier today, which in turn confirms leaks from earlier this year which suggested a mobile version of the childhood favourite game series was on the way.

The game has been developed by the kings of mobile games ‘King’ a studio owned by Activision Blizzard who have developed titles such as your mum’s favourite game Candy Crush.

"In this new mobile episode, Dr Neo Cortex has dispatched mutagen henchmen across the multiverse to enslave all dimensions. With the help of his sister Coco, Crash must bash Cortex's minions back to their own dimensions!" reads the game's description.

The game looks like your standard endless runners like Temple Run or Subway Surfers but with the obvious inclusion of everything Crash Bandicoot.

The format of the game is very popular, as we’ve seen before with the previously mentioned Temple Run which went massive upon its release, so I have no doubts the Crash Bandicoot mobile game will follow in a similar suit.

Although there has been gameplay footage shared online of the game, Android users are complaining that they cannot find the game in the Google Play Store.

This suggests that the game is having a soft launch and only available in certain regions, as a test run before it is released worldwide.

The description of the game on the Google Play Store also notes that the game will feature tracks from previous Crash Bandicoot titles.

Temple Ruins, Lost City, Wumpa Island and Turtle Woods are all mentioned in the description. What is quite cool is that each level will feature hidden paths that lead to new levels, rewards and challenges.

Fans of the series should also expect to see classic bosses like Scorporilla and Nitrus Brio make appearances within the mobile game.

The game seems to feature a base which is able to be built up by progressing in the game.

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