Professional boxers have been turned into women thanks to FaceApp

Possibly aside from boxing’s pin-up boy Anthony Joshua, not many pugilists can confidently state that they have soft and delicate good looks.

Obviously, this isn’t surprising because they get paid to get punched in the face.

The times they are a changing. Think of a boxer and they’ve been put through FaceApp to be spruced up a little bit and now they’re women.


AJ’s chiselled appearance carries itself through FaceApp and as classy as he looks before, he is classy after the transformation.

Despite his claim that he hasn’t got time for a love life and is focusing on his career, it’d be hard to spar away the desires of his fan base now.

The lip colour is spot on, too.


It seems the Gypsy King can do anything – he’s currently undefeated and in the midst of a trilogy with Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder – but can he pull off the FaceApp transformation?

Kind of, but in a homely, single mum-of-three dropping her kids off at school then going to her physically draining job and getting home at 6pm way.


The four-weight world champion is considered a pin-up, like Joshua, in his homeland of Mexico. With his DAZN deal, he could be worth over £500million by 2023.

Enough money, you could say, to make this transformation a reality.

And to be honest, the transformation has done a poor job – remember Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense? – it looks like him.


Wilder hasn’t had the best year, he’s lost his WBC strap and was beaten from pillar to post in Vegas by Tyson Fury in February. He’s blamed everything under the sun from his heavy ring-walk suit to a snake in his camp.

But all his troubles will surely fall away when it is revealed that, via FaceApp, he would make a good looking female.


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr has done it all and his pretty way of fighting, throughout his 50 fights, earned him the tag of ‘Pretty Boy’. Is that so?

Through FaceApp, kind of, well if you squint anyway.


The Filipino is a legend both in and out of the ring, still fighting at 41 whilst managing to serve as a Senator since 2016.

And due to his beautiful eyes in FaceApp, he sort of has a look of Rita Ora – again, only if you squint. Sorry Rita.


The Northern Irishman’s fight for the WBO super-featherweight title was scheduled for June 13, but has since been postponed.

His dream of becoming a three-weight champion is cancelled for the time being, but what is not cancelled is his dream of looking beautiful courtesy of FaceApp.



Khan won the vacant WBC international welterweight title last year and he now has bigger desires.

The Olympic silver medallist from Athens 2004 is desperate to tackle Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East. A pipe dream perhaps?

But what isn’t a pipe dream is that he looks good following his FaceApp transformation?


Froch had a fantastic career at the top, holding multiple super-middleweight championships, including the WBC, IBF and WBA titles. He drew tonnes of money in his George Groves sequel at Wembley, too

His wide face gives the look of a Cabbage Patch kid in his transformation, so not as successful as in the ring.


And like Froch, Haye has turned his experience in the ring to become an analyst and commentator for BT Sport.

Haye unified the cruiserweight world titles in his day, notable for his corn rows. He keeps them through this transformation, a lazy one really, as he’s just whacked lipstick on hasn’t he? Hasn’t properly tried with his eyeshadow or anything.


One of the greatest British boxers of a generation, Eubank reigned as a world champion for over five years.

That he’s a walking Twitter meme with his turn of phrase, his whispering voice and his parading round the world of his son Chris Eubank Jnr.

But through this transformation, he wouldn’t go amiss in Destiny’s Child, or any other three-person 90s girl group. Looking good Chris.


‘Iron’ Mike was the most feared boxer on the planet throughout the 80s and early 90s. And what I feared was how he was going to style his face tattoo through this transformation.

Would he use make-up to cover it up? A bit of blusher to ease the ink on his face?

No, he just flagrantly covers it up with a neat weave. Not fooling anyone, is he.


Calzaghe, like a number of fighters on this list is undefeated, with a record of 46 wins from as many fights, holding numerous gold in the right.

And what can be said, through his FaceApp transformation, is that he’d be undefeated in his customer service complaints. He just has this look now that screams ‘complains-at-everything’.


Ricky Hatton is hardly a looker in real life so only the Lord knows how he’d be made presentable through FaceApp.

And honestly, he looks like a northern club singer from the 70s and 80s, bouncing between the reaches of Accrington and Burnley in Lancashire, to the lofty heights of Wakefield and Huddersfield in Yorkshire. He might even dabble on the East Coast – Scarborough or Skegness, anyone?


Lennox Lewis – the last heavyweight to unify the division. Today, Lewis is a pundit and regularly is seen giving his opinions on the division he once ruled.

He looks delightful through his transformation, he looks as though he could be seen in Washington giving his presidential inauguration speech, or relaxing in the Oval Office. He looks professional.

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