Call of Duty: Mobile hosting tournament with $1 million prize money

Activision have announced that they will be hosting a Call of Duty: Mobile tournament.

The prize money? A cool $1 million is on the line.

It will be named ‘The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020’ and is set to commence on April 30 as an online esports event.

The tournament’s co-sponsor has been named as Sony.

How can you enter? Well, to be eligible for the tournament, Call of Duty: Mobile players must be ranked Veteran or higher in multiplayer to participate in the open qualifiers.

These qualifiers, Stage 1, will play out between April 30 to May 24.

Of course, there are rules: you must be at least 18 years of age and be in good standing with the game, which means you cannot have any open or undisclosed violations.

Also, you cannot use any external devices that could possibly modify the game’s controls without the consent of tournament officials.

To take part, users can just click ‘sign up’ in the game and your first 10 ranked matches will be used to determine your tournament points. If you reach 80 points in any weekend throughout the first stage, you will qualify for the subsequent stage.

Rewards will be earned for registration, progression through the qualifier and an additional reward if you eventually qualify.

These rewards are changed every weekend so, even if you’ve already qualified, it’d be worthwhile to check back to seek out any other rewards.

Details on Stage 2 are to be shared at a later date through Activision’s official site.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s twitter account teased: “Esports is officially coming to Call of Duty: Mobile! Check back soon for more news and specifics. For now, practice up and get ready.”

The game continues to issue regular updates, most recently adding a Crescent Moon Event and a Gun Game Variant.

The esports world is to be taken very seriously and writing on Reddit, the developers stated: “We don’t want cheaters in our game, and we don’t want them ruining your experience, manipulating our systems, and destroying the balance of the game.

“If we see cheating we will enforce on it with our [Call of Duty: Mobile] Security & Enforcement Policy in mind.”

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