UFC news: Paulie Malignaggi calls UFC fans stupid for believing Dana White's Fight Island plans


Paulie Malignaggi has credited UFC president Dana White for making people believe his plans for 'Fight Island' as he brands fight fans stupid.

White’s company claim that they have almost secured an island to host weekly showpiece events behind closed doors.

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc with the UFC’s plans and they have recently announced that the next four events have been postponed.

White has been desperate to keep fights on, as shown by his ability to find Tony Ferguson a swift replacement when Khabib Nurmagomedov was unable to leave his native Russia before UFC 249 was eventually cancelled.

Following UFC 249’s original cancellation the next event has inherited it’s name but that has had its difficulties.

Originally White tried to host it in an Indian Casino in California but it was postponed due to pressure from ESPN and Disney to cancel.

It has been preliminary moved to Florida for May 9 where they are allowing events to take place behind closed doors for TV audiences.

He also harbours plans for Fight Island, claiming they are close to securing a private island so that they can host events weekly.

However former Boxer Paulie Malinaggi has expressed doubts and is shocked that more people are not sharing his scepticism.


"I think Dana is a really smart guy and he knows how stupid his fanbase is," Malignaggi told IFL TV.
"There's no way you can put it on a private island because you need a hotel to house the fighters.

“How are you going to televise it? You need a hotel, where are they gonna sleep? The beach? They need private quarters, rooms.

"The MMA community are the dumbest.

"What he's said is utterly impossible from the moment he's said it. That community is so dumb, I can't fathom being that stupid."

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