Neymar's mum dumps 23-year-old boyfriend after discovering he dated men

Neymar’s mother has dumped her 23-year-old lover after discovering he had ‘dated a string of men’, according to reports in Brazil.

52-year-old mother Nadine Goncalves declared her love for Tiago Ramos earlier this month, with Neymar giving his approval recently.

But Tiago, who is six years younger than Neymar, was allegedly dating the Paris Saint-Germain’s personal chef, Mauro, before moving onto his mother.

It’s also been reported Tiago was dating a famous Brazilian actor and stand-up comedian called Carlinhos Maia.

Tiago is a model but is also part of a gaming team named 4K Easy. While it’s not public exactly when he started dating Neymar’s mother, he was pictured at his spectacular birthday party in February.

But after being kicked out of Nadine’s mansion, Tiago is now back with his family in Brazil.

He uploaded a video on Instagram of himself playing a computer game with his mother and sister earlier this week.

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It was just a matter of weeks ago that Nadine herself confirmed the relationship by posting a picture of herself cuddling up to Tiago with the caption: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, you live it…” followed by a love heart emoji.

Neymar left a comment under the post, which read: “Be happy mom. Love you.”

But she was urged to dump her toyboy after the family discovered his past.

Bizarrely, though, Tiago sent a rather odd message to Neymar back in 2017 which read: “Neymar you are fantastic, I don’t know how to explain the emotion of being a fan of a guy like you.

“I see you playing and I’m very motivated, one day I hope to read this message with you, be your brother and play together.

“I know that one day I will meet you, because I am a dreamy boy where I do not give up on my goals! Stay with God, very successful and happy.”

He certainly achieved his aim of meeting Neymar but his dream may now be over…

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