GMS' Hall of Game: The Simpsons Hit & Run was truly an unexpected masterpiece


Even now and then a game comes along that really catches the world by surprise - 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' was certainly one of those.

In truth, a game based on the long-running sitcom was always going to be a good laugh, but you can be sure that very few expected it to evolve into a gaming icon with an almost cult-following even to this day.

The 2003 game, which was released for the PlayStation 2, PC, Gamecube and the Xbox went flying off the shelves once the gaming world got a taste of the bucket loads of wholesome fun it contained.

With seven playable characters including Homer and Bart and the ability to hijack cars in an explorable world much akin to Grand Theft Auto series, players quickly fell in love with the game.

The 'Hit and Run' meter was also a nifty part of the whole experience, calling the police on the player if a certain limit was exceeded. 

On top of the brilliant story mode that includes a marvellously funny and typically Simpson-Esque storyline, players could also complete in bonus missions and races in a bid to earn unlockable rewards such as new cars.

Who could forget what it was like to finally get behind the wheel of the now-infamous rocket car and tear around Springfield earning coins and searching for collectable cards?

Sometimes though, it was often just a lot more fun to see how much carnage you could cause in a single sitting. 

An icon of the PS2 age, it was a truly immersive experience for its time and it is no wonder that it is still so popular in the current day and age.

If you, like us, felt a bizarre sense of emptiness when you completed the seventh and final level then we'd suggest dusting off the old consoles and sliding that famous little disk back in - we can guarantee that you won't regret it, although your productivity levels could take a dive.

There have been rumours of a possible remaster of late and we can only hope that those reports ring true in the end. 

A remastered version would go down an absolute treat and we here at GMS are all for the idea.

Whoever is out there with the power to make it happen, please, make it happen.

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