WWE news: Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels appear on Smackdown to 'celebrate' Triple H

WWE ‘celebrated’ 25 years of Triple H on Smackdown this week. 

The Game has been one of pro wrestling’s biggest draws for a quarter of a century now and arguably, no one deserves to be honoured more than him. 

But rather than a celebration, Triple H got a roasting on Friday night. 

It began with Shawn Michaels joining him in the ring and the pair quickly poked fun at the current situation, joking about social distancing and why the arena was empty. 

The Heartbreak Kid then started laying into HHH, showing video packages of his worst moments in WWE, including out-takes from famous DX segments and his poor record at WrestleMania. 

After that, Triple H got serious for a moment, thanking all the other legends he’s shared a ring with – but Michaels jumped in to set up the next rib – ripping into Stephanie ‘no fun’ McMahon. 

Rather conveniently, she decided to FaceTime her husband at that exact moment and that call was followed by more from Ric Flair and ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James.

Just as it looked like things were wrapping up, Vince McMahon’s music hit and the boss appeared on stage.

He called Triple H’s 25 years ‘extraordinary’ before joking around some more about some of the ‘hits and misses’ from his career – including that infamous Katie Vick storyline. 

McMahon closed the show by saying that on a serious note, he ‘loves’ his son-in-law but couldn’t resist one more dig before going off-air. 

He said that Friday’s celebration was just ‘God awful’ and that it sucked, it was rotten and probably put everybody watching to sleep – much like Triple H during his entire WWE career. 

Vince then strutted off stage leaving HHH and Michaels to wrap it all up, and SmackDown went off-air with the lights going out and the sounds of crickets echoing over the arena. 

It truly was a bizarre comedy segment but did we really expect anything less to celebrate 25 years of Triple H? 

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