Brutal video of every punch Tyson Fury landed on Deontay Wilder shows just how good he was

Earlier today BT Sport decided to release a compilation video of all of the punches that Tyson Fury landed on Deontay Wilder during their Las Vegas fight back in February of this year.

The video added up to three minutes and 43 seconds in total, which demonstrated clearly the huge amount of success the ‘The Gypsy King’ had against the ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

Especially considering the fight went for seven rounds and each round in professional boxing lasts three minutes.

It was revealed following the bout that Fury threw 267 punches in total and was able to land with 82 of them, which is a staggering 31% success rate.

To put this into perspective Wilder was only able to manage 141 shots and got through with just 34 punches. In other words, if someone decided to make a video of Wilder’s punch successes it would only last roughly about 30 seconds.

The video also demonstrated the lack of footwork and poise Wilder had during the encounter and clearly demonstrated the large gulf in class between the two fighters. The pattern of the fight was set in the first round of the bout where the Brit had the American constantly on the back foot.

The third round proved to be even more one-sided as Wilder was knocked down with a punch to the back of the head and by the end of that particular round had completely lost his balance.

By the fifth round, it showed clearly how dazed Wilder was as he was knocked down again and by that point, it was just a matter of when and not if Fury could become the new WBC heavyweight champion.

This did not happen surprisingly until the seventh round when Wilder’s trainer finally threw the towel in but in truth the fight could have been stopped well before then.

At the time of the stoppage Fury was leading 59-52 on two of the scorecards despite a point deduction and 58-53 on the third clearly reflecting the one-sided nature of the contest and it begs the question does there truly need to be a third fight between the pair given the nature of ‘The Gypsy King’s’ world-class boxing display?

We think not.

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