Mike Tyson claims any normal human being could take a punch from him

Mike Tyson claims anybody could take a punch from him, providing they had a “willingness to die.”

Even in retirement, ‘Iron Mike’ is a scary individual. Tyson has recently staked the claim that an ordinary human being could actually take a punch from the former heavyweight champion, providing they had a “willingness to die”.

Talking on a ‘Safe Distance with Mike Tyson’ podcast over on his YouTube channel, Tyson noted: “What is a normal person?

It has nothing to do with being an athletic person. It’s about your morale. Fighting has a lot to do with morality too. It’s not about taking it, it’s the willingness to die, that’s what life is.

“When you stand up to it, you no longer have to fear it.”

These were certainly bold words from Tyson, who takes no prisoners on his podcast, delving into any gritty subject with an honest perspective.

It does beg the question, however, what would happen if a boxing heavyweight today hit you in the face?

Whether it be today or in any boxing era, a punch in the face by any heavyweight is going to hurt; that’s just a fact.

Take the ‘Bronze Bomber’ for example; Deontay Wilder is largely claimed to have the most powerful punch in the heavyweight division today and has be accredited as a modern-day Tyson of sorts.

Before the American’s loss to Tyson Fury in their highly anticipated second bout in Las Vegas, Wilder boasted an incredible record of 41 knockouts from 42 wins with just one draw.

Up until Fury vs. Wilder 2, Wilder had near enough knocked out every opponent he had ever faced in the ring.

In an exclusive interview with Insider, Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas said it “would not be good” if Wilder punched an average person in the face and that he would likely end up in a heap on the floor.

Mike Tyson’s former trainer Jeff Fenech, meanwhile, said that if Tyson was to return to boxing, he could easily knock out Wilder. This being said, Tyson did lose his last two fights in the mid-2000’s to lesser-skilled opponents he would no doubt have put to sleep in his prime.

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