Nineteen Premier League players who 'really don't look like footballers'

Crystal Palace v Sheffield United - Premier League

A lovely tan, great teeth, well-maintained facial hair, a skin fade and tattoos.

These days, you can spot a Premier League footballer from a mile off. If you’re playing in England’s top-flight and you don’t have any of the above, you’re a black sheep.

Footballers don’t really come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They’re all well-pampered and have incredible physiques.

But there is the odd exception.

In fact, according to Planet Football, there have been 19 notable exceptions down the years.

They named ’19 Premier League footballers who really don’t look like footballers’ and it’s a brilliant list.

Check it out:

Wayne Rooney

Slightly chubby, balding from an early age and looking like somebody you’d beat every Friday night in the kebab shop.


Ivan Campo

Not many players can say they’ve played for Real Madrid, Bolton and Ipswich Town during their career. Not many can say they have a great big unmaintained afro, either.


Literally every Liverpool midfielder this century

Gary McAllister, Danny Murphy, Jay Spearing, Charlie Adam and Jonjo Shelvey. What do they all have in common? They’re all follically challenged and don’t look capable of running around a pitch for 90 minutes. In the case of Adam, that was probably all too true.


Kevin de Bruyne

A world-class footballer but a rare ginger-haired player who goes red in the face when he runs around too much. 


Tom Davies

Tom Davies looks like that guy you’d meet travelling in Australia. Just look at that hair - and his fashion sense is pretty outrageous too.


Marcin Wasilewski

Just look at the size of him. The former Leicester player looks more like a bouncer than a footballer.


Raul Meireles

Raul Meireles was ahead of the curve in terms of tattoos but that haircut and beard combo was…unfamiliar.


Edwin van der Sar

It obviously helps to be tall as a goalkeeper but Edwin van der Sar would look more at home working for an IT company, than on a football pitch.


Luka Modric

Perhaps it’s the fact he looks a bit like Gail Platt from Coronation Street.


N’golo Kante

The 5ft 6in midfielder doesn’t look like a footballer - and he doesn’t particularly act like one either.

Chelsea FC v Manchester United - Premier League

Roque Mesa

The former Swansea player has braces - and that alone sees him make this list.


Gabriel Obertan

Obertan’s broad shoulders, narrow neck and massive head always looked a bit odd. He was probably too quick for his skills too as well as he failed to make the grade at Manchester United and Newcastle United.


Leighton Baines

Baines looks a bit like a rockstar with his outrageous sideburns and - in his early days - long hair.


Callum Paterson

We’re pretty sure Paterson is actually a rugby player, rather than a footballer.


Andy Reid

He’s got the sleeve tattoos but Reid always looked as though he was carrying too much weight to be a pro.


Harry Maguire

The most expensive defender in the world looks like every other Sunday league central defender with that massive head.


Jimmy Bullard

Skinny with shaggy hair, Bullard played just how he looked - different but funny.

Portsmouth v Fulham - Premier League

Gary Taylor-Fletcher

We’re saying nothing…


Oli McBurnie

In truth, he looks a bit of a mess. Not to mention he wears his socks rolled down to his shins. Oh and his dress sense…

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