WWE news: Remembering Kane's hilarious impressions of Hulk Hogan and The Rock

Now when you think of Kane in WWE, comedy isn’t the first thing that would usually spring to mind, however, this segment featuring ‘The Big Red Machine’ and two of WWE’s all-time greats The Rock and Hulk Hogan is perhaps one of WWE’s funniest ever segments.

The ‘Attitude Era’ of WWE is without a doubt the best era of WWE action, and this segment alone shows why.

The humour comes naturally and isn’t forced, much like we see in WWE today. More often than not, the comedy in WWE feels corny and rather forced depending on who is involved.

This, however, is comedy gold.

The unlikely trio are seen in the locker room, just moments before they were to compete in a six-man tag team match against NWO members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac.

“Oh here he comes now,” The Rock says as Kane enters the frame. The Rock asks Kane if he is ready to go out there and whoop some a**?

Of course, Kane’s ready. What The Rock might not have expected, however, is for Kane to use one of his most famous catchphrases against him.

Kane asks The Rock in turn if he’s ready, and the ‘Brahma Bull’ barely gets a word in before Kane interrupts him with the classic, “It doesn’t matter if you’re ready,” in typical Rock fashion, which left The People’s Champ stunned, and the fans around the world in stitches.

“Whether it’s the millions, and millions of The Rocks fans or 20,000 Hulkimaniacs or 20,000 screaming Kane-a-nites, the question is brothers, what’cha gonna do?”

Kane continues to use both of his teammates’ catchphrases, with The Rock still seemingly in awe, whilst Hulk Hogan nods and smiles like he hasn’t a clue what is going on.

“What’cha gonna do?” Kane repeatedly shouts as he mimics Hulk Hogan, performing many of Hogan’s famous poses, bringing this hilarious segment to an end as the trio head out for their match.

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