Gonzalo Higuain wanted to retire after 2014 World Cup final vs Germany

Gonzalo Higuain’s name will forever be associated with the 2014 World Cup final.

Regardless of his record-breaking season with Napoli, or the hordes of trophies he has helped win with Real Madrid and Juventus, the Argentine will sadly never escape the misery of that fateful night in Brazil.

Higuain’s missed a host of chances in the final against Germany and had a goal chalked off for offside when it looked relatively easy to hold his run. Mario Gotze would eventually score the winner for Die Mannschaft in extra-time.

The footage of Higuain skewing a half volley wide after being put clean through by a woeful back pass will sadly be replayed for decades to come.

‘Pipita’ himself has now revealed the emotional toll his performance in the Maracana took on him, stating that had it been his decision he would have retired from football at age 26.

The now 32-year-old told Marca: “It’s not easy to be told ‘this guy’s no good anymore, he’s a failure, he can’t play football.’

“It hurts. Yes, it’s true that we didn’t achieve our objective, but to have been a failure? Reaching three finals isn’t failure.

“I was about to stop playing, but my mother told me to keep going. If it was up to me, I would’ve quit football. It’s something I love, but I love my mum more. She said she wouldn’t let me to leave what I love.”

The polarising striker has revealed that he refused to go out into the public eye after the game through fear of being mocked.

“I’ve always regretted locking myself away and not going outside, afraid of what people might say,” Higuain added.

“The chance dropped unexpectedly, I had to take it and unfortunately I couldn’t. I went with the first thing that popped up in my head. I don’t know if I’d do the same thing now.

“It came my way with my back to goal. It was given to me by a defender 15 yards away and, as soon as I turned around, the goal was in front of me. It looked easier than it was.’

“I’ve played in the best leagues, for the best teams, at three World Cups and the Copa America. I didn’t imagine even 10 percent of this when I was five and I did it. Why should I worry about what people say?

“When I started to understand that, I started to go out and live more.”

A necessary reminder that footballer’s are still human and the fear of abuse from supporters can wreak havoc on a player’s mental health.

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