Ranking the most outrageous moments of Nick Kyrgios' tennis career on his birthday

2020 Australian Open - Day 8

The sporting enigma that is Nick Kyrgios turns 25 years-old today.

That age seems surprisingly young for someone who has made as many headlines as he has.

However, since his 2012 debut on a professional tennis court, there has rarely been a dull moment with Kyrgios about.

In honour of his birthday, we now look back at 10 of the most outrageous moments of Nick Kyrgios' career - so far!

10. His dislike of the music at the Australian Open in 2016

In theory, playing at your home Grand Slam should allow a player to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Not so, however, for Kyrgios at the 2016 Australian Open - after he repeatedly complained about music being played by the locals.

During his third round defeat to Tomas Berdych, Kyrgios branded the situation "a circus". His opponent, though, seemed to have no issues whatsoever. 

Kyrgios would then go on to brand match official James Keothavong as "a terrible referee".

9. His meltdown over the colour of a towel

We all know that Kyrgios is an exceptionally talented tennis player. What we did not know, however, was quite how particular he was about the colour of the towels he uses.

That was, though, until his 2019 meeting with Kyle Edmund at the Rogers Cup - where Kyrgios demanded that he be given a white towel, as opposed to a tournament-branded one.

"I just want to know why it took you so long to get a white towel," Kyrgios asked officials. "Took you 20 minutes for this one. 20 minutes. Oh, you brought me two. Thanks."

2020 Australian Open - Day 8

Having the 'correct' colour of towel would do Kyrgios few favours, unfortunately, as he went on to lose the match.

8. Asking supporters to smear Vegemite and Nutella on their faces

Now, this was strange!

During Wimbledon 2015, Kyrgios caught wind of an online trend in which fans would cover their faces in the above named spreads in order to show their allegiance to him. Kyrgios felt the gesture paid tribute to his Australian heritage, suggesting on social media that: "(It) doesn't get more Australian than support of your locals and a face full of Vegemite."

Many failed to share Kyrgios' point of view, though, arguing that the stunt had racist overtones - including legendary player Serena Williams.


7. Partying with journalists prior to his Wimbledon 2019 exit

Kyrgios suffered a second round defeat to Rafa Nadal in four sets at last year's Wimbledon championships. It was, though, his behaviour the night before the match which drew most scrunity.

Kyrgios was reportedly drinking with media members at "The Dog and Fox" - a pub local to SW19 - until 11pm the prior evening.

6. Demanding a beer on court

At least in the scenario above, Kyrgios was drinking away from the court!

During a 2017 French Open match, Kyrgios actually requested a beer whilst competing.

"Get me a beer now. Honest to God, get me one now," he shouted, whilst playing Kevin Anderson. Kyrgios did not get his beer, nor did he win the match. 

Day Two: The Championships - Wimbledon 2019

5. Blaming defeat on a "hot chick" in the crowd

Excuses for defeat are nothing new in professional sport. However, Kyrgios' reasoning for his 2019 Laver Cup defeat to Roger Federer was certainly unique.

"I lost concentration. I saw a really hot chick in the crowd," Kyrgios told reporters following the match.

"I'd marry her right now. Right now."

Kyrgios, in fact, did not go on to marry the woman in question.

4. Slating Nadal and Djokovic during a podcast appearance

As a general rule, younger players show great respect to those who have dominated the sport before them. Kyrgios, though, rarely adheres to convention. 

During an appearance on the "No Challenges Remaining" podcast last year, Kyrgios accused Novak Djokovic of having "a sick obsession with wanting to be liked," before describing Nadal as "salty".

Tennis Rally for Relief

It is fair to say that Kyrgios has never cared too much about making friends in the locker room.

3. Throwing a chair at the Italian Open

Kyrgios was (not altogether surprisingly) disqualified at last year's Italian Open for throwing a chair on court during his match with Casper Ruud.

This fit of rage would go on to cost Kyrgios a $25,000 fine.

2. Telling Stan Wawrinka on court that a friend had previously "banged his girlfriend"

Kyrgios took things to a very personal level during a 2015 Rogers Cup match against Stan Wawrinka.

During a break in play for their second round match, Kyrgios informed his opponent that Thanasi Kokkinakis - a teammate and friend of Wawrinka - had previously had a sexual relationship with Wawrinka's current girlfriend Donna Vekic.

"Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that, mate," Kyrgios informed Wawrinka, clearly enjoying every second of his statement. "He's banging an 18-year-old," Kyrgios then muttered to himself. 

Mutua Madrid Open - Day Five

The two players would have a heated exchange in the locker room following the match. Kyrgios later received a 28-day ban and a $25,000 fine as a result of his comments.

1. His exceptionally costly run-in with an umpire at last year's Cincinnati Masters

The fine Kyrgios received for the incident above would be dwarfed by the punishment handed down when he clashed with umpire Fergus Murphy in 2019.

Umpire Murphy called Kyrgios for a time violation during his second round match with Karen Khachanov. Kyrgios, however, was far from in agreement with Murphy's decision - and quickly lost his cool with the official.

"That's hilarious," argued Kyrgios. "If Rafa (Nadal) plays that quick, I'm retiring from tennis. Kyrgios went on to brand Murphy "the worst referee in the game" and "a f****** tool."

Things would get worse from there, though, as Kyrgios stormed off court having smashed two rackets and then spit at Murphy. 

Authorities took a dim view of Kyrgios' behaviour, hammering him with a 16-week suspension and a $113,000 fine. An expensive day indeed!

At just 25, one would suspect that Kyrgios has plenty more outbursts in him before he leaves the game too!

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