Lennox Lewis dismisses Deontay Wilder's beliefs that he could 'destroy' Mike Tyson

  • Tom Kelly

Purely for the entertainment of its viewers, some of the greatest boxers in history have consisted of subsequent outgoing personalities, for which we’re grateful.

One of the first ingredients needed to create a genuine world-class fighter is the complete and utter belief that you can knock anybody out. 

Unsurprisingly, Deontay Wilder fits this profile. 

Back in 2018, the Bronze Bomber told TMZ that he would ‘destroy’ Mike Tyson, who was the youngest ever heavyweight champion. 

Although Wilder undoubtedly has a fierce right hand, former heavyweight Lennox Lewis has questioned whether the Bronze Bomber could actually knock out ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. 

Lewis took to Twitter in 2018 and said: “I just heard @BronzeBomber said he would destroy a young @MikeTyson. 

“My thoughts are that it’s easy to talk until you actually get in the ring.

“I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone that ferocious who truly wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it!”

As we all know, Wilder eventually met his match in February 2020, as he surrendered his world title to Tyson Fury following a TKO defeat in the seventh round. Nevertheless, despite his doubts in 2018, in the following tweet Lewis revealed an element of admiration for the American. 

“I love @BronzeBomber’s confidence. You need that to sit at the top of the heavyweight division.

“He’s hungry and shows up in probably best shape in the division. There are levels to it and he’s still adding to his arsenal.” 

Speaking to Sporting News, Tyson’s former trainer told the news outlet that it would only take the former world champion ‘six weeks’ of training to reduce Wilder to the canvas. 

He recognised that heavyweight boxing today has changed from Tyson’s era and that he would be comfortable competing with the current crop of heavyweights. 

“Boxing’s not the same now. I’d guarantee that if Mike Tyson trained for six weeks, he’d knock Wilder out in a minute.

“He would hit them. If these guys are getting knocked out by Tyson Fury — who’s a great fighter, but not a huge puncher — Tyson would kill these guys.

“They’re not on the same level today. Mike today, I reckon if he trained he could still beat these guys.”

“Fury’s got these other skills, but Deontay Wilder’s got a punch and nothing else. If you punch him, it’s over. And Mike doesn’t miss.”

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