Mike Tyson breaks down how he would have attacked Tyson Fury in dream fight

  • Alex Batt

In the world of boxing, there are so many dream fights that sadly will never be able to happen.

The reason most of them can’t happen is due to the fact the two boxers in question fought during completely different eras, and that’s the case when it comes to Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury.

A prime Iron Mike vs a prime Gypsy King would be a serious spectacle. Hell, you could even go as far as saying it would be the best heavyweight fight in history.

Mike Tyson during his peak was an unstoppable force, but Tyson Fury during his peak is an immovable object. The perfect combination for a super fight, but one that we will sadly never get.

However, that hasn’t stopped the American from talking about the dream fight between himself and the current WBC champion.

Whilst speaking to Ring Magazine, the now 53-year-old discussed how he would have approached a fight with Fury, and how he would have attacked him from the opening bell.

Iron Mike said: “Against someone of Tyson Fury’s size, you’ve got to be aggressive, move your head and be elusive because if you stand still against a man that size, you’re an easy target.

“You need to attack, use angles and stay away from his punching distance. You need to be close, but you can’t stay at a distance that allows the bigger fighter to get off.”

When discussing the advantage Fury has due to his height, the retired boxer was quick to dismiss that by stating height doesn’t mean an advantage.

He continued: “A lot of people don’t understand that size and style isn’t the most important thing in the ring; it’s the morale of a fighter that leads to victory. His determination, his will to win, his desire is what makes him a champion.

“But at my best, I thought I was the greatest fighter from Achilles, through the Art of War, since the beginning of God, since the beginning of time – I was invincible.

“And if there are other fighters out there that don’t think that way, then they have a problem.”

The impact Mike Tyson has had on boxing is evident, especially in the life of Tyson Fury, who is named after the American.

However, what we would do to be able to see the two share a ring together… a boxing fan can dream!

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