70% of football fans believe prime Petr Cech was a better goalkeeper than David de Gea

  • Tom Kelly

With the amount of free time everybody has, this has left the mind to wander.

In my case, I’ve tried to think of the greatest Premier League side of all-time and like any footballing side, we need a man between the sticks. 

In the Premier League era, there are two names which stick out for their goalkeeping abilities, these are Petr Cech and David de Gea. 

Cech, who’s turned to semi-professional ice hockey following his retirement, arrived at Chelsea from Rennes in 2004. The shot-stopper went onto have a stellar career within the Premier League, as he helped the Blues to four league titles. 

In addition, the former Chelsea stopper currently holds the Premier League record for the clean-sheets in a season, with 24. 

In more recent times, David de Gea has been the focal point for impressive goalkeeping performances. He’s acted as the last line of defence to a struggling Manchester United side ever since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure. 

The Spaniard has almost become synonymous with cat-like reflexes and has helped his side on multiple occasions. 

So, with a battle between two legendary Premier League goalkeepers, we posed the question to the GiveMeSport readers to decide who was superior. In a poll with over 88,000 voters, we have a convincing winner. 

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According to voters, Petr Cech is considered the greater goalkeeper – as he attracted 70% of the vote. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming statistical support for Cech, the comments say otherwise. 

“De Gea showed his class when the Man United defensive line was poorer than ever.

“Cech did it when the Chelsea defensive line was the strongest and under Mourinho. He wasn’t that great at Arsenal. Sums up the story,” Facebook user Rama Sailo said. 

On the other hand, many did recognise Cech’s achievements. 

“Cech is one of the best goalkeepers ever in English football. The choice is easy.

“For example, Cech and Chelsea only conceded 15 PL goals during the 04/05 season. He also led the Czech Republic to a semi-final in the Euros 2004.”

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